08/03/22  -  Weather station set up in Corton Denham

09/03/22   -  Wind direction stops working, stuck on North.

                       Contacted Weather shop for support

                        Response from Davis via Weather Shop to change station ID - done but no improvement.

10/03/22   -  Awaiting response from Weather Shop / Davis

13/03/22   -  New Weather Underground ID obtained, ISHERB47 - now live on WU

16/03/22   -  Basic website launched, more features to be added gradually

17/03/22   -  Event log added to website

17/03/22   -  Response from Weather Shop, they are sending anemometer and wind vane test cable.

23/03/22   -  Test cable received

24/03/22   -  Test performed.  This has confirmed that the fault lies either in the anemometer head or in the

                       connecting cable.  The cable has no visible damage, but since it is permanently connected to the

                       anemometer, I can't do anything else without invalidating the warranty.  In the warmer weather I have

                       noticed that the wind vane starts working (intermittently) as the temperature rises.

28/03/22   -  New anemometer received from the Weather Shop, who have given me good support.  Fitted and it now

                    -  indicates wind direction correctly.  Hopefully that's the end of this saga!

20/07/22   -  Sensors added for solar radiation (Watts per sq metre) and UV index. Some changes made to the graph

                       data and probably more changes to come.